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General knowledge of Tabla Drums - Free Tabla Lesson

One of the most popular percussion instruments in the rich musical culture of South Asia is the tabla drums. It started as 300 years ago. Her name is derived from the Arabic word for the tabla drum. It is said that a mixture of existing dholak drums, and naqqara pakhawa history, but the exact function is still unclear. This tool is often used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Tabla Drums
A modern version of the tool consists of two drums. Dayan, who immediately does in India, is a small, wooden drum played with the right hand while Bayan, which is translated as the left is larger drum with a metal body and played with his left hand.

One of the main differences between the two roles of its size, but their parts is usually the same. The cylinder, called Puri consisting of goat skin. It also hides the circle is placed over the head and to the bottom of the drum. These rings keep the laces, tapes, or on the drums, which pitch and roll controls the tension on a number of wooden cylindrical blocks ghatta mentioned. They are located between the body and the lace. There is a black circle in the middle of the drum heads are called syahi rubber, carbon black and iron fillings. Syahi is located in the center of the head, but in the Bayan, it is a bit on the side.

Define the bell-like tone, the timbre that syahi. Dayan is tuned to the tonic note of a singer or instrument guides. It has a greater distance between them. The bottom of the device is made larger Bayan. It is interesting to note that the melody of the bass is not limited to a single tone, but can include a range based on position and press the left wrist syahi. One can also make notes on the bass to move because of the ease in controlling the melody.

Learn how to play the tabla can be tricky, because some of the principles are slightly different from Western music. Beats are conceptualized using mnemonic syllables known as Bol. To play well, one must understand is conceived as a basic Indian rhythms.

Tabla drums can be both melodic and rhythmic concepts in the Indian system. However, as in most percussion instruments, the rhythm, which usually focuses on. Just as the western style beat, and measures cycle, so the Indian style. The only major difference is that it focuses more on the cycle, unlike the former focused on the measure and beat. Measurement of the time while playing the tabla is based on the clapping and waving. They clap and sway in fact a description of the actions of Indian music. This is important in the conceptualization and implementation of the whole song and other instruments to rhythm as a guide to follow. So a player can play in different syllables, if the cycle is constant.

The sound and feel of the tabla is a rich and exotic. As an instrument, can in itself when played just right, but I do very well in combination with other instruments and vocals. This may not be easy to learn, but with time and dedication, and good knowledge of Indian musical terms, is obliged to make beautiful music with this instrument.
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